Brand Transition

Services to guide and support through all phases of a brand transition, be it a small refresh or high impact global rebrand following a merger or acquisition.


The scoping phase is key to any successful brand transition. Scoping gives a full and clear understanding of the brand, the decision to change the brand, the costs involved and then models scenarios.

  • Brand audit

    Work with key stakeholders and visit key locations to understand the brand and the number and types of carriers globally.

  • Cost evaluation

    Using audit data and information gathered on substitution, create a cost estimate of the brand transition being considered.

  • Brand rollout scenario modelling

    Scoping data is brought together to model the brand rollout scenario which will fit the budget, deadlines and ensure quality of brand impression.


Planning covers a variety of areas that will determine the detail of the transition, how it will work, how much it will cost, how long it will take and who will be responsible as well as determining the appropriate launch strategy.

  • Launch strategy

    Support on devising the appropriate strategy for launch, whether phased, instant or a different strategy in different markets.

  • Market prioritisation

    Determine the markets and brand carriers to be transitioned first. What will the specific local challenges be? What is the right mix of markets to create the required impact?

  • Vendor selection and procurement

    Technical understanding and global experience to make the correct selections of vendors that will deliver efficiently and to brief.

  • Communications planning

    Internal and external stakeholder communication planning to support teams, advise on brand launch and assist with brand story and narrative messaging.

  • Technical specifications

    Development of guidelines such as the core brand guidelines, communications, signage, livery, etc., and other technical specifications to guide delivery teams.

  • Project management

    Experienced project managers track project requirements, hit deadlines and maintain project plans.


After scoping and planning comes the all important launch and rollout of the new identity. We will support on crucial behind the scenes project management to ensure a professional implementation.

  • Vendor management

    Ensuring the smooth and on specification ordering, delivery and installation of branded assets

  • Askbrand helpdesk

    Receive carbon copies and regular updates on queries and recommendations to improve brand management and compliance processes moving forward.

  • Progress reporting

    Experienced project managers track project requirements, hit deadlines and maintain project plans.