Brand Management

A range of services designed to help meet brand challenges, improve processes and controls, and facilitate effective strategic decision making in all stages.

Brand Architecture and Naming

Brands can work together to become more than the sum of their parts, sharing their unique strengths whilst maintaining a link to core brand values. Clarity in architecture and naming policies is key to maintaining a strong group brand impression.

  • Architecture and naming policy writing

    Identifying appropriate structure and hierarchy for multiple brands and creating clear policy documents to manage architecture and acquisition moving forward.

  • Levels of brand identity

    Create options for naming which clearly defines the interrelationship of the parent company, subsidiary companies, products, and services, and is in keeping with the marketing strategy.

  • Brand architecture decision making

    To support in major brand strategy decision making processes and bring clarity to meetings and confidence in decisions.

Brand Governance

Managing a brand as a strategic business asset requires a clearly defined approach, supporting by the appropriate blend of people and policies. Great brand governance, through compliance, training and relentless attention to detail adds value to the business.

  • Building blocks of brand governance

    Brand leadership (advisory, approvals and evolution), policies and guidelines, protocol and process, communications and training, and compliance reporting.

  • Brand policy and guidelines

    Brand policies provide the framework for managing the brand in a holistic and coherent way and are an essential reference point when addressing complex strategic challenges. Guidelines provide the essential detail that allows practitioners to execute the application of the brand on a day to day basis.

  • Organisation structure

    Consistently delivering the brand across all touchpoints requires a combination of people and resources. By analysing the effectiveness of the existing brand organisation against best practice, we can help to configure the brand management structure to maximise the performance of both direct and indirect teams and resources.

Joint Venture Brand Management

Managing a joint venture brand presents its own unique challenges due to complex contractual arrangements and ensuring the brands work together in the way they should.

  • JV brand policy writing

    A smooth running JV brand should be supported by clear policy documents that establish key brand hierarchies and idiosyncrasies of the particular project.

  • JV brand strategy

    Defining a strategic direction for the JV which works in synergy with all partners.

  • JV visual identity design, brand guidelines and technical specifications

    Working with or without a specialist design firm, VI360 will create ‘on policy’ visual identity.