Brand Compliance

Services designed to provide regular and timely insights to inform strategic brand decision making and equip teams with the tools they need to be creative whilst remaining brand compliant.

Tools and Training

To meet your brand’s high compliance standards, teams must be equipped with the necessary tools and training to get the job, however small, done right.

  • Brand guidelines and technical specifications

    Creation of brand and signage guidelines with detailed technical specifications.

  • Brand compliance training and workshops

    Training sessions to improve understanding of the brand and its guidelines for use. Designed for senior management, brand teams and other brand custodians.

  • Brand portal

    Create efficiency and ensure consistency by using a centralised and organised location for all branded materials.

Compliance Audit

Auditing your brand is the best way to gather the necessary insight on global brand compliance and thereby ensure the highest possible quality of brand impression. With a regular brand audit programme, issues are identified early and corrected swiftly.

  • Bespoke audit design

    Your brand is unique with its own particular strengths and compliance challenges. We work with you to determine the correct mix of markets and branded sites.

  • Regular and reliable reporting

    Stay informed using bespoke online reporting tools that allow you to immediately see the status of brand compliance across your network.

  • Actionable recommendations

    A regular reporting programme not only improves brand compliance but will also identify where brand management processes can be improved.

Brand Helpdesk

Your brand must be compliant but it also needs to be flexible enough to be used day to day and applied to a range of different brand carriers. A brand helpdesk equips the entire organisation with swift solutions to brand compliance challenges.

  • Swift responses

    Save time and increase efficiency by directing queries to someone with the knowledge, experience and time to respond swiftly.

  • Stay informed

    Receive carbon copies and regular updates on queries and recommendations to improve brand management and compliance processes moving forward.

  • Prevent mistakes

    By making it easy to be brand compliant, errors can be reduced along with the need for costly remedial work.