Brand Insider Workshop 2017

By Adam Newall 

Last week, we revealed the findings from our latest study into Brand Identity Management Best Practice, provoking some great questions for our expert guests to debate. Going back more than 12 years, this is the fourth edition of our research and we’re now able to track the development of the brand identity management discipline and make predictions about what the future might hold.

Brand insider workshop

For me, the most rewarding part of our Brand Insider Workshops is when the conversation jumps from one side of the room to the other. Unrestricted, there are frank exchanges and jaw dropping anecdotes mixed with equal measures of wistful thought and razor-sharp insight. It makes for a fine cocktail of open and honest opinion. These points of view help to build our understanding of how brand owners manage brands across different sectors and what can be achieved by companies at different stages within the brand identity cycle.

It’s true that not every company is ready to embrace all the ideas arising from our research, and indeed many would not want to. Nevertheless, we are all looking to refine and enhance our approach as the context in which we manage brands continues to change. 

Read the concise version of our report and share your opinion too.