Brand Identity Management: Best Practice

Best practice report

The fourth edition of our brand and VI management best practice report is here.
With insight from 10 leading brand owners, the fourth edition of our benchmarking survey explorers the evolving challenges as the discipline matures. Senior management are taking a more active interest bringing about greater respect for the brand and authority for brand owners.

Highlights of the report include:

Structure of brand identity management
In order to be effective, the structure of brand and visual identity management needs to reflect the size, structure and culture of the business.

Evolution of brand identity management
Customers are becoming ever more discerning and successful businesses need to respond quickly, with brand as the key differentiator.
Reassurance that the visual foundation is in place helps brand owners to push brand boundaries in innovative ways, knowing that the sacrosanct basics are safeguarded.

Strategic brand identity management
The ability to bring a rounded and holistic perspective on the brand, and how it may impact on commercial decisions, gives the brand manager the opportunity to offer high quality strategic advice from a respected position of authority.
While historically brand managers struggled to get the senior team to perceive the value of the brand, there is now a greater emphasis on aligning brand to strategic direction.

Looking ahead
Brand is gaining ground in business strategy discussions, be it about business growth and acquisition or its value as an employer brand to attract talent.
Technology will continue to turn traditional thinking on its head, and brand owners need to embrace the disruption and change afforded by new tools and channels.

Download the report here