Canada's Top 100 Brands 2017

Brand Finance has released a ranking of the top 100 Canadian brands. Below are the top stories according to Brand Finance.

  • Canada’s 100 most valuable brands have a total value of C$239billion
  • Tim Horton’s brand value saw a 43% increase to CAD10.1 billion
  • Retailer Sobey’s saw its value increase 4% this year to CAD2.5 billion but dropped four places to 25th place
  • Royal Bank of Canada is still the nation’s most valuable brand

Canada’s top 100 most valuable brands have a total of CAD239 billion. The Canadian banking sector is by far the largest sector by value, comprising 33% of the table with a total brand value of CAD79.4 billion. RBC is the nation’s most valuable brand, retaining the top spot in the table after a 26% increase in value to CAD16.6 billion. Following the acquisition of City National Bank – which is expected to generate US$1 billion in pre-tax profit by 2020, the Canadian titan has expressed plans to expand further in the US. RBC’s largest deal to date marked a significant return to the US after it sold some struggling US operations in 2011. RBC’s CEO, Dave McKay, is confident that President Trump’s pro-growth agenda will support the bank’s plans for growth south of the border in order to offset sluggish growth in its domestic market. Should Trump’s agenda succeed, RBC can expect to see its brand value continue on the upward trend in 2018.

However, the future is less certain for the fastfood industry. Many brands have waned in value due to growing health concerns of consumers. However, Canada’s sixth most valuable brand, Tim Horton’s, has bucked the trend, with a 43% increase in brand value to CAD10.1 billion. The coffee chain offering may be considered run-ofthe-mill to some, but its surge indicates that there is an under-exploited appetite for reasonably priced rather than premium coffee.

The brand’s merger with Burger King has led to a CAD5 billion increase in market capitalisation. The deal provides opportunities for improved distribution and cost saving. Tim Horton’s devotees may be concerned at the loss of a Canadian icon to the American fast-food chain, but the former’s strength and unique characteristics promise to maintain the well-regarded status of the Canadian gem.

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