Visual Identity Management Best Practice

VI360: Setting the best practice agendaVI360: Visual Identity Management Best Practice Edition Three

Based on detailed interviews with leading brand owners, the third edition of our benchmarking survey sets out new emerging trends and innovative approaches to brand and visual identity management.

Highlights of the report include:

New reference points, for brand measurement

  • Brand expectations will be set by the strongest element and performance measured by the weakest.

Impact of the online experience on brand perception

  • Social media, search engines and real-time news mean that there is no hiding place for businesses or their brands.

Shift in organizational value of VI as a discipline

  • VI is becoming re-integrated back into brand management

Confident brand owners are pushing the limits of design and communication

  • Conventional visual identity applications are becoming new dynamic brand applications.

Absolute compliance is the new minimum expectation

  • Inconsistent VI is no longer an option for top brands.